Note Translations

It is 10:24 am in the student center food court and the tables are near and organized, as well as the food displays are being arranged.  The students have not yet come through and messed everything up yet.

The only things that seem to be messy so far in this day is a single napkin that rests on top of the garbage can, and the black trim ripping off of the red area rug.

The tables and chairs are very neatly organized in the two upper level areas and only a few students are scattered intermittently at the round tables in these areas.  The lower area is much larger, has long tables, and the area itself is split down the middle by an arrangement of condiments and the ordering stations.

The screens above the ordering stations flash above as it goes through the different menu options.  The smaller ordering screens at eye level stations also flash with logos of the different stations.  There is a large advertisement for a “beef poutine” plate.  The image is a large bowl filled with french fries, beef, and topped with vibrantly green scallions.

Each table in the lower section has 10 chairs.  Each chair has a wooden seat and black metal legs and siding.  Each end of the table has 1 salt, 1 pepper, and a napkin dispenser, so there is 2 of everything per long table.  There is a small square advertisement for a campus event called the Out of the Darkness Walk resting nestled in between the salt and the napkin dispenser.  The advertisement was printed on paper in black and white.

There are three food stations in the cafeteria section of the area: Subway, The Grille, and Hawk Wrap.  The Subway is decorated in the vibrant yellow, green, and white.  The Grille station is red and black with words like “angus” and “beef” in a word jumble in black print against the red wall.  The Hawk Wrap Station is decorated with a logo that matched the university’s maroon color.  There are also smaller stations, for example the coffee station with decaf, house blend, and dark roast coffee.  There is a choice of caramel or vanilla dairy creamer as well as there is an assortment of sugars, stirrers, and cup sizes and tops. There is also a soft drink dispenser, two large refrigerators with energy drinks and sodas, and a smoothie dispenser.