The interview specifics: I will be interviewing Molly from Make-a-Wish of Philadelphia, Delaware, and Susquehanna Valley.  Molly is the Vice-President for Mission Delivery and the head of the wish granting department.   This branch is located in Blue Bell, PA.  I will be going on November 3rd at 1pm.  After I sent my initial MAW contact the project guidelines she suggested Molly and said she is very knowledgeable about the MAW mission and is a phenomenal spokesperson for the organization.

Interview techniques: I hope to make my interview less structured and more conversational– similar to what Anderson said one must”shred their agenda” in order to achieve best results.  I hope to be able to build and expand off of the things she talks about.  Anderson also advises not to ignore the more subjective dimensions of your participants because details such as those are often more valuable than simple answers to the questions you had planned.  Terkel and Parker say to “think about your lead in” which is important in setting up the interview in a strong and positive way.  Similar to Anderson, they also acknowledge that the interviews should be free flowing for optimal results.  They say: “There aren’t any rules. You do it your own way. You experiment. You try this, you try that.” This is all important because you enter these interviews as if you are setting off to see on an exploration into the unknown and ambiguity of where you will go.  But that is sometimes how the greatest discoveries are made!

Main topics: In my interview I want to learn about my interviewees’ personal history.  I also want to learn about their history  with the organization.  Specifically about the organization I want to ask about the mission of make-a-wish and the impact it has on children, their families, and their communities.