Today marks the beginning of my Digital Storytelling photography journey.  Chapter one of “The Visual Toolbox” begs the photographer to consider their vision.  The assignment paired with chapter one is to look at your favorite photographs, gain some insight into how you view the world, and see what they all have in common because perhaps you are subconsciously drawn to certain elements.

“You pick up a camera to see the world differently, to express something about what you see in this world”

Looking at favorite photographs definitely helped me see that I have a clear aesthetic.  My idea of beautiful photography is calm, yet striking, scenes.  While reviewing my photographs it is clear that I am  drawn to nature, sunlight, bright organic colors, old architecture, etc.  Below are some of the photographs that mean the most to me.

Saint Joseph’s University- Barbelin Hall Spring 2016

Mackinac Island, MI 07.28.17


Woodstock, NY                             08.06.17

Newtown, CT                                    08.11.17