Breakfast Inspiration: Start Sunny Side Up

It is important to start your day by fueling your body with the things it needs, especially protein.  Here’s some summer breakfast inspiration.

I usually scramble toss some fresh veggies in a fry pan with butter.  In this case I chopped up tomato and onion. Once they were completely cooked, I added in 2 egg whites and scrambled them with the veggies.  Once the eggs are completely cooked through I sprinkle feta cheese on top and remove the pan from the heat.


Meanwhile, I toast a piece of whole wheat bread for my avocado toast.  I mash up avocado with salt, pepper, onion powder, lemon juice, and olive oil and spread onto my toast.

Lastly, for some citrus I have a small cup of fresh berries (this is when growing fresh fruit in your garden is so wonderful), and a glass of orange juice.