A Coffee a Day….

People often scrutinize themselves for their coffee addiction.  People sometimes cut coffee completely out of their diet because they face insomnia or because they feel like they drink too much.  That’s crazy! Save yourself the fatigue and the migraine.  Drinking coffee can have amazing health benefits if you properly work it into your diet.  Just follow these three simple rules:

  1. Figure out your cutoff time–everyone has a time, depending on how much caffeine effects you, where if you drink coffee past said time you will be awake and restless all night.  Personally, I don’t drink coffee past 4pm because coffee usually lasts about 6 hours for me.  As long as you follow your rule you should not be kept awake by the caffeine.
  2. Drink it at the same times every day– there is no harm in being a creature of habit because your body begins to expect certain things at certain times.  With coffee, I drink a cup or two right when I wake up before class.  Then I drink another cup after I get back from the gym around 3pm because that is when my body begins to crash so it is the extra push I need to go to the library and study until dinner.  If your body is expecting caffeine at certain times you are less likely to experience the negative effects of caffeine.
  3. More coffee less sweetener- everyone likes their coffee a certain way, but make sure you don’t overdo it on the coffee mate or splenda because that could very well be the reason you are getting jittery and nervous after a cup of coffee.  Let the coffee work its magic by leaving it as natural as possible for your taste.

If you are following these easy coffee rules you can enjoy the health benefits of coffee.  Not only does coffee help you wake up in the morning before your classes or work, but it will help you in other areas of your health as well.  Coffee will add an extra portion of fiber in your diet which is essential for proper digestive system functioning.  It will also help you in terms of fitness as caffeine can give you an extra boost of energy for high performance, it will increase your metabolic rate, and it will increase the signals to your fat cells to burn fat for energy!

So don’t be ashamed to drink a cup (or more) a day!