20 Things That Happen When You’re a Dancer

1.You always have lamb’s wool, toe tape, icy-hot, and lots and lots of bandaids handy.

These random items are your best friends to stuff your shoes with, wrap your broken toes, and to soothe your pains.

2. And you depend on ibuprofen, lots of it.

With ballet comes lots of pain, therefore ibuprofen is a necessity if you want to be able to move the next day.

3. You have a love/hate relationship with solos.

Solos are terrifying but exhilarating.

4. Sewing is one of your fortes.

People make fun of you when you whipped out your sewing needle, thread, and pointe shoes during class or at lunch, but you need to have them sewn by that night’s rehearsal so….

5. You take rejection very lightly.

You are so used to rejection at this point from all the cast lists, exclusive competition teams, etc that when there is rejection in your love life of your everyday life it feels like nothing.

6. You bleed bobby pins.

You find them everywhere– in your shower drain, under your pillow, in your shoes.

7. You may as well be a hairstylist.

You can create anything from ballet buns and high ponytails with poofs in a matter of seconds.

8.  You use hairspray and nail polish to stop the runs in your tights.

You learned this trick to try and preserve your tights as long as possible.

9.  You always try to get away with wearing “extras.”

You have accumulated so many cute leg warmers, skirts, and shorts, but your teacher never lets you wear them in class.

10.  It’s cool to wear garbage bags.

Yeah, garbage bag pants were probably one of your greatest investments to keep your muscles warm.

11. It’s also acceptable to wear slippers at the studio.

You throw on slippers over your pointe shoes and walk around the studio like that.

12. You have a pointe shoe cemetery in your room.

They’re worn out and disgusting but you can’t seem to part with them.

13. Dance moms is real life at competition.

You have seen many crazy dance moms backstage at competitions.

14. You can hum the entire Nutcracker.

You have danced just about every role and still remember every piece of choreography too.

15. You have great posture.

Parents always compliment you on this and tell their own kids to be more like you.

16. You’ve inhaled more hairspray than you should.

The scent of certain hairsprays bring back memories of certain performances and dressing rooms.

17. Your joints make terrifying noises.

Everything cracks every time you move.

18. You have an insane schedule.

“Sorry I can’t I have rehearsal”

19. Everyone wants the role with the pas de deux.

Performing a pas de deux is magical because you get spun, lifted, you get to fly, and it’s usually the audience’s favorite dance.

20. You are a passionate person.

When you have a passion for the arts see beauty in everything even the little things.


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