A Tale of (my) Two Cities


Following this paragraph is a link to my comic strip.  The strip is made up of 10 boxes all of my own photography that I enhanced to appear like a comic.  The strip is my personal story and has to do with my transition to college within the past year.  I grew up with New York City basically in my backyard and I fell in love with the city as so many do.  But now Philadelphia is the city I live in and I am learning to love it just as much as I do NYC.  The first few boxes of this comic begin with the skyline of NYC, then a few scenes within the city, and that section ends at Grand Central Terminal as I would take the train from there to Philly.  Then the next few boxes are shots of Philadelphia, my new city!Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 5.30.54 PMPDF Full Version