Poverty in Philadelphia Video

Civic Media

In the fall of 2016 I took the course Civic Media in which we were to identify one of the major social justice issues in Philadelphia, interview several sources, and produce a video informing peers at SJU on what they can do to help.


Philadelphia is the city all SJU students call home for four years of their lives.  With any city there are beautiful and exciting elements, yet there is always underlying poverty and injustice.  The Jesuit values of Saint Joseph’s University and its inherent emphasis on social justice education does not let students turn a blind eye to the poverty within their city.  

Philadelphia has the highest rate of deep poverty – people with incomes below half of the poverty line – of any of the nation’s 10 most populous cities. -Philadelphia Inquirer

How can Saint Joseph’s University students do their part in fighting poverty in Philadelphia? Watch the video below:

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